Two Days of Interactive workshops & Investment /Expert Panels

Dates coming October 2022 


A series of bespoke 1hr workshops & investment panels hosted by supporters dedicated to female founders success. Aimed at those who have already received seed/grant funding & are now looking for rapid growth investment; to scale; move globally or into immediate sales, trials or product creation; and hire staff. Real commercial , practical advice & know-how.


The workshops will offer you practical take-away advice and you can discuss in the interactive session your business specific questions. No theory or sales just facts , top tips, advice and bespoke support.

Attend one day or both days to help you secure what you need to know. This is the A to Z to growing / scaling and preparing for investment. No theory just commercial reality and options available to you. The program will offer over £30,000 of professional services , events and commercial space using companies passionate about the program, experienced in this world so its workable advice and everyone is offering their time to support those that join the program to succeed. Come be apart of the eco-system. Download our brochure for more information.

The agenda is being updated daily – thank you to our supporters The Gender Index, Gen UK, Silicon Valley Bank , Business Funding Show and Natwest Enterprise and to all our amazing partners displayed below.




Day One

Registration from 9.30am over coffee and tea. Please click on the topics for more information


10am - Haslers | Tax ; EIS; Innovation Life Cycle | Using the Tax system to grow your business.

Peter Cross Chartered Tax Advisor 

SEIS/EIS can you qualify? How do you progress advanced assurance & use this to obtain investment?  Recruiting & retaining staff is costly, we will explore utilising tax incentives including options and EMI schemes to retain and motivate your team. We will investigate the innovation cycle with the aim of ensuring your business is attractive to both investors and key personnel.

11am - VOR & Framework| Infrastructure & tech for growth | How to create an infrastructure & staff to truly scale .

John Dickinson Founder

He spent 20 years working within senior level recruitment and talent management in the worlds of corporate finance, venture capital and private equity. Working with that most valuable element of a business – people.

He will guide you through careful investment allocation – he will cover who to hire, and when; how to structure, how to govern; how to develop; how to build a brand and position a business so it is stable and scaleable; when to outsource and when to bring in-house.

Geoff Rellis

Successful founder of several Children’s gyms accross the UK he is now bringing specialist Technology specialists (400 of them) to operate and help UK businesses during the scale up process.

Technology solutions as you grow without huge employee costs – how to use consultants ; what are you looking for and why is this different to outsouring ….is this your solution if so what next

12pm - Business Funding Show hosts | Investment Panel | Angels; EIS ;Funds what are they looking for are you it?

Sam Louis Angel Investment Network

Shalini Khemka CBE CEO E2E & Fund

Ian Woodley Finance Kitchen investors

What are they looking for? What attracts & what puts them off. What is needed in a pitch deck & plan to secure the deal. Top tips and advice from Family office, fund, EIS & angels

1pm - Natwest | Pitch Decks | 60 Second Pitch deck getting it right?

Stewart Smith

Local Enterprise Manager at Natwest.

Why you need a short & concise pitch deck; what this should contain and how it should look; how to get all the information over to an investor verbally and in the deck within 60 seconds? After years of assisting SME’s in the process hear all the top tips from a specialist advisor

2pm - Natwest, Sellers Funding & Lumon | Debt, Currency & Finance | Its all about the money

Michael Cass Director of Seller’s Funding

Steward Smith Natwest Advisor

Victoria Legg Sales Manager

Why would you consider debt finance over equity ? How do you manage your fianances and cashflow effectively

3pm - Silicon Valley Bank | securing finance |what

To be listed shortly

4pm - A City Law Firm & TBC | Intellectual Property and Patents | Protection, licensing and attracting investment

Director and IP lawyer Jackie Watts

How do you protect your IP and Patents; what if someone is infringing your IP or you have made a mistake and attracted another company objecting to yours. Do you register in the UK or Global , what does it cost and how long does it take.

Speaker details coming

How to use your IP to attract investment , generate income or find you a juicy exit . Experts talk about their journeys with clients and investors and the options available to you ; how you leverage this and what you need to be thinking of now to protect this and economise.

5pm - Crucible| Dan Ballin | Investment how to get it

Dan Ballin Business consultant

What makes the perfect pitch deck and business plan and how do you get them to say yes

Dan works for hundreds of founders seeking investment & scaling. He will present on how to get investment, negotitaing the deal and getting them to say yes. Breaking down anything from the business plan and finances to promoting your brand and story during the first meeting to pitching perfect to securing the investment

Day Two

Registration from 9.30am over coffee and tea. Please click on the topics for more information


10am - A City Law Firm award winning Legal 500 | Karen Holden Founder | Getting Ready for investment

Karen Holden Founder

A look in the mirror from a legal and commercial perspective.
Being prepared so you succeed means concise documents and understanding the legal requirements ; what an investor will request & want to see; protecting your IP and yourself as a founder during the process & negotiating the right deal.Having worked with thousands of businesses and having successfully navigated a scale-up over 14 years Karen running a female led firm will share her expereince ; pratical know-how and stories of success and let downs.

11am - Small Buiness Research & Enterprise & MPA | Business resources and incentives such as Patent Box

Wendy Foster Business Advisor

What is out there for you; how you use it and take advantange of the many benefits available

Samantha Wildman & Mel Alfieri Business Development, MPA

Patent Box, the benefits to a business and how it can work along side R&D tax credits. Grants can both compliment and affect these schemes taking a closer look and getting the best return on investment.

12pm - GenUK Global Platform & Ashleigh Bishop entrepreneur of the Year’ 2022 | Take the Lead & go Global

Ashleigh Bishop

Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the 2022 Campaign Female Frontiers awards …read more on about her by her profile. Tech and advertisement specialist she discusses how to navigate investor conversations as she led Bagboard through many investment rounds millions upwards with some very large funders.

Elaine Gold

Gen UK is a platform for entrepreneurs across the globe. They are active in 200 countries
They are behind restart Ukraine ; GEN holds its Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) and Startup Nations Summit annually and hosts a Hub which the program is also part of offering founders tools to scale and grow and access to a global eco-system

1pm - Silicon Valley bank | USA expansion




2pm - Sustainable X and A City Law Firm | Contract Negoiation & importance of ESG Sustainability in your Business

Rondi Allan Founder
Former PWC chartered Accountant who steered international Supply Chains and manufacturing businesses

Sustainability is necessary for institute contracts & procurement. How can this benefit your business, why is this necessary and how do you start. Embedding Authentic sustainability from the start and how you can do this without much pain.

Jackie Watts Director and Head of Company & Commercial Law

How to negotiate contracts with larger institutes, what terms you need to fight to retain and the importance of ESG in procurement.

3pm - RIFT & Newable | Free Money for your business how can you say no? Grants; R&D and so much more....

John McKeown Director

R & D tax credits ; grants and awards are open to many more businesses than you think in the UK even non-tech companies. Explore what would be available for you; how you apply, timescales and processes. How do you prepare & make sure you are eligable & attractive for these benefits

Nathan Lawes Team Manager Innovation & Growth Newable

He is an experienced manager who can advise you on Grants and Innovate offerings; how to navigate an investment round and manage the swift scale-up. Keep on track running your business as you scale and take in investment as juggling everything takes skill


4pm - Ad-Ex & Thinking Hat PR| Get your business known nationally or globally: Marketing / PR/ Lead generation

Emma Healy Director

She manages accounts for Amazon, UN Women and Zoopla selling their stories and ensuring a global reach

Steve Foreman Managing Director & Angel

Generating TV, radio or national press opportunities for incredible deals he works with you to ensure you get the best exposure; at the right time and in the right place.

What is right for you TV or Print or media? How do you utilise this to protect you story or brand successfully. How do you negotiate a good deal and how long does this need to run? Why is selling your story as a founder important; what outlets can you do this through and how to make the best impact. Let them explain how you design your story and advert campaign to suit you.

5pm - WH Ireland & Bridging X| Capital Growth | Securing Fund Investment : How do you get in & succeed?

Lisa Fox Head of Private Growth Capital

Securing Fund investment is hard and time consuming , be it 500K or 6 million . Understand how a fund and their investors operates ; what they are looking for and how do you get their attention. What should you do to win them over / what puts them off. When do you apply, how much money do you need to be seeking , what will the process & timescales be – ask how you can get your foot in the door

Stephen Stanton-Downes Founder&Director

Stephen works in deal advisory KPMG but also leads Bridging X that scales technology businesses. He helps many companies secure investment ; helps with establishing technology growth plans and retention to assure investors feel secure to invest. He knows how to make a tech business shine and win over fund investors ; he can help advise you on creating and leveraging the team you have , how to utilise the investment capital carefully to scale the technology quickly




Female Founders Growth Program:


Our mission is to break down the ceilings ; change the conversation and bring equality into invetsment & business success.

Offering real life drafting, legals and tax, commercial and pratical advice and support. Our partners and supporters will offer weekly panel discussions; workshops ; bespoke 1-2-1 advice ; discounted work ; investment panel planning, feedback and pitches as well as office space, meeting rooms and networking. Comprehensive program that covers investment and growth – procurement, branding/adverts/PR, legal & tax, free money from grants, R&D and government inatives ; finance planning, debt, cashflow, valuation and invoice factoring to technology and innovation support ; investment and access to a platfom of global reach

Download our brochure for more information here


Ashleigh Bishop | Co-CEO of Bagboard


Ashleigh was 2022’s UK Ambassador for Women in Tech and was recently recognised as the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the 2022 Campaign Female Frontiers awards.
Read Bio - click here
Ashleigh joined her long time schoolmate Ben Ayres, to found the company after he easily convinced her that disrupting the advertising industry and saving the world (at the same time) was possible. Ashleigh has a background in advertising and most recently was at McCann London, with experience in creating fully-integrated advertising campaigns for global brands such as Pandora, Nestlé and Nespresso. During her time at Bagboard, Ashleigh has been deeply passionate about diversifying the male-dominated tech industry. She’s advocated and made space for women in senior leadership and management roles in the company, along with often male-dominated tech development roles, and has been proudly vocal about her female entrepreneurship and gender equality in a variety of publications and podcasts, including TechRound, StartUps Magazine, The Flex Network, Found & Flourish and Sustainably Influenced. Ashleigh was also recently recognised a ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the 2022 Campaign Female Frontiers awards, and is the UK Ambassador for Women in Tech.


1. How did you end up starting your own business

It was something I’d always wanted to do, but it was only when an old school friend got in touch and we discussed going into business together that I finally took the plunge. He had identified advertising as an industry where the opportunity for disruption was huge, and as I already worked in the industry, we were able to get our heads together to build Bagboard, the world’s first sustainable advertising platform.

2. Is this a profession you recommend to the future generation

Absolutely. Starting your own business is an incredible learning experience. It’s tough of course – but you get to develop a wide variety of skills. Even if you don’t have the desire to go it alone, working at a start-up gives you exposure to different areas of a business to help you identify what you enjoy most. I’ve often found that the most well-rounded candidates have previous experience from the start-up world.

3. What would you alter about your journey to being where you are , if anything

It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the hustle culture that is prevalent amongst many start-ups. But all that working 18 hour days and most weekends does is leave you feeling burnt out and unable to bring your best self to the office. I look back at some of the early days when we wouldn’t be leaving the office until midnight at the earliest and I’ve definitely learned to put much healthier, more productive boundaries in place. Oh, and lean into your network. If you don’t have one – build one. The start-up journey is a rollercoaster and a good network of other start-ups can offer support, introductions and advice.

4. What would you tell your younger self at 18 if you could travel back in time

Embrace imperfection. There’s a huge amount of pressure, especially on female founders, not to put a foot wrong and to always be achieving the next thing. But the whole point of a start-up is to follow the road less travelled, to innovate and explore new territory. That means there’s not always going to be a right way to achieve something, and you have to be comfortable taking a risk in order to learn and break new ground. You might fail, but it’s how you choose to recover from those failures that matters the most.

5. What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years

I firmly believe that consumers have an enormous, untapped power in their wallets. If we can harness that in a way that directs more money towards brands and businesses that are committed to having a positive environmental impact then we could turn all of that spending power into a force for good. To get there, I want Bagboard to have expanded globally to 50+ cities across the world, have established a scoring system that empowers consumers to spend better and to use a portion of our revenues to invest in female and minority founded start-ups.

6. what makes you passionate about international woman’s day

Whilst I would prefer that we didn’t need it, I fully embrace the opportunity to raise awareness of and educate about the gender gap, highlight incredible female achievements and dedicate an entire day to discussing how we can break the bias. Whilst we’re still a long way from the equality we all want (and need), the fact that it has grown into the movement it has shows there is a desire for change, and we can get there together.

Jill Pay| Chair of The Gender Index

(Hosting and supporting the Reception drinks 29th of June 2022)

Jill Pay broke through a glass ceiling when she became Britain’s first female Serjeant at Arms of the House of Commons in the position’s 607-year-history…

Read Bio - click here

“All but one of my predecessors in the role were ex-military and the other one was a former diplomat,” she says. “The final two candidates were me and a former brigadier. They had to decide whether they wanted something new or more of what they’d had for six centuries.” She now has created the gender index which has carried out extensive research into how investment and growth has taken place across the UK in various districts and counties impacting on female founders. The extensive research, the data and the facts are standing on the first of its kind.

Read more about this amazing  women here